What we can do for you?

Marketing, communication and PR are expertise's. Multinationals and large companies have complete departments taking care of this. SMBs often do this themselves or they hire an expert or agency. For a certain  project or for a some hours per month. Sometimes you don't need more. However, a strong marketing, communication and PR strategy is an absolute must for increasing businesses and making an impact on (potential) targets.  And that is exactly what Prêt-à-partir can offer you. 

Our staff and partners are talented and experienced brand builders, communication professionals, product marketers, sales consultants and PR strategists that only have one goal in mind: visibly better results for our clients.  

We provide consultancy and project execution in the areas of:

  • Public Relations
  • Product Management
  • Business Development
  • Sales & Account Management
  • Marketing Communication
  • Content Creation, Translation & Management 
  • Video Creation & Editing
  • Social Media Management & Publishing

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So is there a (temporary) project but not the right expertise in your organisation? Do you want a    professional to take care of your marketing, pr or communication strategy? Do you need a sparring partner to discuss your strategy? Let's connect and see how we can help out.

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